31 Squadron RAF

/31 Squadron RAF
  • ‘The Goldstars’ is the latest in the visual library of DVD productions celebrating the Goldstar Collection Centenary Exhibition – the potted history of 31 Squadron initially operating in the North west Frontier of India , through the Burma campaign, the repatriation of prisoners of war (PoWs) from the Japanese camps in Java and into the Cold War in Germany before moving on to a protracted Middle East series of conflicts, This is a history rich in heroism, and fortitude. This is inspiring and entertaining viewing.
  • First in the Indian Skies written by Norman Franks was published by Life Publications Ltd in 1980 and is available second hand from Amazon. It is a complimentary piece of literature , heavy on pictures comprising 255 pages A4 hard bound.
  • You want excitement. You seek courage, endurance and attendant humility. You ,perhaps wonder “why this Squadron , 31 Squadron, THE GOLDSTARS? This is the story of raw aviation history in desert and jungle, monsoon and arid mountains. It does not get any more thrilling and adventurous as this.