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    So many positive comments have been poured out on this easy to follow ‘ positive communication in the sales environment’ publication that a reprint has taken place and a huge discount applied for the original work. Half price but far from half the value.
  • When you need to fight (non- aggressively) for your cause, there is a need to plan, implement and follow through. So it was with the 2007 Post Office closure initiative that was the second phase of Post Office closures around the UK. Langworth in Lincolnshire was ‘a case in point’.
  • What can you do when the decisions of those in ‘power’ purporting to serve you, and the greater good, fail miserably. They are unaccountable for their irresponsibility and the facts need to be made public. And here they are – the facts. When you conclude your reading of this catalogue of blunders to make one wonder, the author hopes that you will detect little malice or hot headed rhetoric. FACTS ARE JUST THAT – FACTS.
  • The delightful uplifting of spirits that flows from a flowing rhyme is something really special. That special feeling abounds in this creative and very humorous book of poems. The timbre is perfect and the subject matter sublime from an author, poet of exceptional talent.
  • Building a business on bacon and eggs not about eating a cooked breakfast, although it does help us to remember that the pig is committed and the chicken really contributes to that feast. In addition, well bacon eggs may at first seem to have nothing in common together, they are both a feast and a catalyst for great ideas with people sharing a meal.