Mountains out of Molehills (reprint)

Mountains out of Molehills (reprint)

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So many positive comments have been poured out on this easy to follow ‘ positive communication in the sales environment’ publication that a reprint has taken place and a huge discount applied for the original work. Half price but far from half the value.


Mountains out of Molehills was the book that produced European salesman of the year 2003, a title that still pertains today because it has never been challenged. It has never been re-run –  unlike the book.

Mountains out of Molehills has been a successful book worldwide. It has been produced in the UK and also in India. The Indian product is not quite the high specification of the UK produce book which is why that is on sale now or at a reduced price.

Mountains out of Molehills contains work methods that have been used time and time again over the last 30 years to secure in excess of 350 cases every year for its author’s financial services business. Terence first qualified for million-dollar round Table on family income benefit sales , a form of term insurance, by volume of sales; ssles which stood the test of time and stayed on the books for in excess of 10 years earning the author the life Insurance Association persistency qualification 1993. That persistency record lasted until he retired in 2014. 98.4% average persistency over 44 years. The means to that end is in this book.

The secret of Terence’s success is the one-page presentations developed and illustrated in this book. His view of life assurance is that it creates mountains out of molehills, a financial legacy out of small contributions.

It is fun and exciting to take a concept and place it in front of the family who are at risk, or who want to accumulate wealth for some future event and have them understand the principles of complex solutions in an easy manner. The buying process for the client should be pleasurable. The principle is illustrated in mountains out of molehills and makes those presentation skills pleasurable for those on the receiving end of them.

Terence’s philosophy has always been that those who seek, or require life insurance, permanent health insurance, or retirement schemes, do not want to know the minute detail of such schemes at the initial stages. They want to see, understand, feel the concept, the heart, the kernel, to fondle the benefit in their mind, and then know the cosy glow of security, in short to experience the wonder of what it is all about.

Mountains out of Molehills is about one-page presentations that lead to the solving of specific situations. To the creation of specific circumstances; put fire in the belly of the deliverer of the message and the recipient, and thus motivate both to action.

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3 reviews for Mountains out of Molehills (reprint)

  1. Eric Stuart

    Phone call to my office: “I was having a lousy time – no new business for weeks. I picked up your book (which I’ve had for a few years and not read). You kept me up all night reading it.

    I just phoned to say that it has been two weeks since I read your book and it is fantastic. My clients are delighted and so am I”.

  2. Mandy Thomas

    You make the whole sales process so simple and my clients are enthusiastic to buy solutions because the drawings from Mountains Out Of Molehills are so explicit and clear.

  3. Joe

    Mountains Out Of Molehills certainly turns the complex into the very straightforward. A picture paints a thousand words is exemplified in this book. I am delighted and so are my policyholders.

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