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Trusts a Practical Guide (second edition) The BOOK


A few left. An incredibly easy stroll through trust applications to take the student and the experienced practitioner to success. Author Terence P. O’Halloran Chartered Financial Planner. Soft cover A4 246 pages (heavily illustrated examples).


The subject of trusts has always been a tortuous one. The author has been involved in advising in this area for well over 30 years and has seen many published works on the subject ranging in general, from fairly complex to the downright incomprehensible!

Trust a practical guide is a refreshing book which sets out as its main aim to explain the concepts associated with trusts in a simple fashion as is possible. The text is given in a clear and concise manner which could be understood and enjoyed by practitioner and interested layperson alike.

This is an excellent publication (supported by an audio version on a 2CD format and also by the excellent DVD seminar presentation that adds to its Inimitable clarity.Inimitable clarity the design is an excellent mechanism to set a beginner in the trusts field out on the right road to learning what is necessary to cover the ground work. It would also, the author is sure,Proved extremely useful as a preliminary work to study when embarking on a course to lead to a professional qualification in which trusts is a  proved extremely useful as a preliminary work to study when embarking on a course to lead to a professional qualification in which trusts is an integral part of the syllabus.

Trust is a practical guide will also prove particularly valuable to those who are looking at a specific use of trusts in the field of financial services or inheritance planning.

The book uses diagrams and illustrations which are quite unique in the legal field of communication and so helpful in illustrating the words that are necessary to make a trust work effectively and efficiently – the in acting clauses.

This is not a book about how to write a trust in legal terms but rather to use the legal templates that are available and make those templates working practice. The topics range from very basic levels of understanding through to quite complex applications of trusts and case studies that go with those elements of learning at each stage. It is an essential Reference guide for the professional and user guide for those wishing to use trusts in almost any financial services circumstance.


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5 reviews for Trusts a Practical Guide (second edition) The BOOK

  1. Rory Hammond

    What a well versed read.
    I attempted to read an alternative book on trust by two barristers-unreadable and over technical. This book takes me on a journey that I enjoyed and found educational.

  2. Catherine Spinks

    The price of this book is not important when the value it delivers is as great as trusts-a practical guide is. My word-impressive and in use almost daily.

  3. Phil Evanson

    This is a masterclass in the art of conveying the complex subject of trusts to the novice. Very well done (although the indexing is not fool proof often two or more pages out of sync).

  4. Amanda T

    what a shame that you have retired. However, Trusts A Practical Guide is timeless as is the seminar DVD; both are extremely useful and as relevant today as they will be in twenty years’ time. The availability of the CD series provides an audio copy that I use regularly in the car to refresh my memory. Enjoy retirement and thank you for this indispensable fountain of knowledge.

  5. Brian Lawless LLP (Hons)

    I have actually known Terence O’Halloran for more years than I care to remember and, in that time, the one lasting principle that he has shown me is that he cares deeply about the financial services industry and about giving his clients thorough and proper advice. In undertaking the writing of this book, he brings this attitude out in his ways of explaining with his liberal use of illustrations and case studies the attributes of trusts. This makes the text interesting and meaningful to the reader.

    I wish Terry well with this book-in its second edition (I understand that the First edition was a complete sell-out!) I’m sure this will be just as successful a venture.

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