About Life Publications

I started at Lynn Insurance Services, the only person in the sales force to have never sold a policy before going on a course on how to do so. Within three months I was the top salesman in the group. That was 1972. In 2003, as an individual Independent financial advisor I was voted Life Insurance Association European salesman of the year based upon method and persistency rather than volume of sales.

Is that where you want to be? Is that the future you want for yourself? I developed the keys for making it happen and you can too, using this library of transferable talents.


Life Publications Limited was formed in 1974 to print and publish works that outlined the routes to success that I had discovered and used to advantage; a mutual advantage, with clients.

The books that I have written reflect the methodology and discuss the case histories that took me from nothing to success. Success in every meaning of the word as a perpetual Court of the Table qualifier for Million-Dollar Round Table, MDRT, an international speaker and one of the most successful published authors in the financial services field.

Who could ask for more? You can!

Just as you cannot build a successful house without firm foundations you cannot build a successful you without the foundation of experience and knowledge. My books and seminars are noted for their authenticity-and it’s not just me that says so.

Over 150 of the best salespeople in the country passed through one of the four professional study groups that I created for my own education and their’s. These groups have endured for over 30 years. Could you create such an educational, inter-relational concept for mutual progression for the cost of a lunch? Of course you can. It’s all here.

The professional study group involves a full day four times a year; the business breakfast club concept requires just an hour and a quarter once a month. Both involve a maximum of 20 people, and all of those 20 have to contribute for the mutual benefit of the members of the group. Could you organise a breakfast club? Of course you can. It’s all here.

If you want to be a loner and be the best you can be that is here also. History teaches us so much. We have to learn to progress and here is a learning experience that is unsurpassed. As a founder member of the Professional Speakers Association I should know.

If you aspire to being the best salesperson then this library of books, CDs and DVDs will elevate you to that position. All you have to do is set time aside to read and then act on what you’ve read. I can promise you no more. Success is devotion and hard work, something I have had through my life, and 44 years in financial services, in spades.

Get started today. Become more effective today. Become wiser in order to pass to the next level today.