Life Publications – Books on Finance & Planning

The first publication produced in 1974 was ‘A look at Life Assurance’ , a look into planning for the passage of time and life’s events during that passing. It was produced for the Consumers’ Association the publishers of ‘Which?’ magazine.

Since that time the author, commentator and broadcaster Terence P. O’Halloran has written many books, documented seminars and workshops on DVD and produced audio versions of his most acclaimed works. Many individuals and business proprietors claim to owe their business success to these products and the professional experience over time that has been passed on to them. Topics range from basic financial planning centred upon life assurance planning (death can be such a financial inconvenience) to the understanding of trusts, their use, and how to make them work for the individual.

Follow that with the analysis of investment potential and structured , yet simple, market understanding and movement and you have a library of success based upon experience and qualifications at the very pinnacle of  informed standing in the financial planning arena today. Just look at the communicative library that is available to you, and all written “ as if he were here, speaking to me”.


Terence P. was the broadcasting name of our centrally featured author. Terence has always been outspoken and pursues his interests with vigour and enthusiasm in his ‘free’ time. It provides a useful and essential diversion from his work as a Chartered Financial Planner.


The books in this area reflect a continuous requirement to ‘evidence’ his work and experience so that history , the passage of time, might know what has been discovered. We will leave you to examine the interesting and diverse observations and achievements of very interesting subject matters including the works of Judy Theobald, another of life’s great observers, and the individual descriptions of their illuminating contents.