Climate change is at the heart of the specification and development of public transport vehicles. Buses. The specification and production limitations of public service vehicle is at the heart of this book.

Compromise or calamity? The consumers choice.

When it comes to the world’s climate and public transport options, is diesel that bad? Are battery-driven buses that good? Is there another way? Perhaps yes, by way of – in motion charging buses, the modern trolleybus.

modern trolleybus is one solution. Is ‘In Motion Charging’ (the modern trolleybus) the answer?

How about combining Euro VI diesel for rural travel and ‘in motion charging’ (the trolleybus) for urban journeys in one vehicle? Does that make sense and is it cost effective?

Why spend £650,000 on one vehicle when the same capital outlay will provide seven or more hybrid trolleybuses and their infrastructure to resolve the climate change concerns more expeditiously?

The solution to climate change can be your choice. You can make it so. This book contains the facts to help you make If you feel inclined to act here is your guide to an important part of the solution to climate change and its success through the provision of local bus alternatives.